Herman Moench

Herman Moench

Herman A. Moench joined the Rose faculty in the fall of 1930, as an Instructor in the Electrical Engineering Department. Mr. Moench graduated from Rose in 1929 with high honors and worked for Bell Telephone Laboratories during the following year. Professor Moench later served twice as Acting President and was also for many years the Dean of Engineering and later Vice President.

Professor Herman A. Moench was officially appointed Dean of Engineering by the Board of Managers in June, 1954. Professor Moench was the first faculty member to hold such an office at Rose. During the 1954-55 school year, the Board also voted that male children of the salaried teaching and administrative staff would have their tuition remitted beginning with the second semester of the academic year.

Early in September of 58’ the Board of Managers appointed Dean Herman A. Moench as Acting President. A better appointment could not have been made, for Dean Moench was experienced and knew Rose through and through. With the loyalty and whole-hearted cooperation of his colleagues, he addressed himself to a difficult situation and handled it most successfully.

In September, 1962, at an executive committee meeting of the Board of Managers, Professor Herman Moench was made Vice President and Dean of the Faculty.

Excerpts from the Pauline Griffith Oral History Interview

Herman Moench wasn't one for details. His desk was this high with papers, [chuckling] Herman didn't like detail things. He liked to teach, he was a teacher.

One thing Herman Moench ... when the discipline committee would meet, the students would get called in and come down this hallway, maybe one or two would be sitting out there outside of the office. I was more nervous than the students were. But after the discipline committee meeting, Herman Moench would be walking down the hall with one of the students that had been in there [to be disciplined] and he would have his arm around his shoulder — he was that kind of a person.

Pickett: Sure. Sure. Well, why do you suppose Herman didn't remain as President?
Griffith: Well, I don't know. Just knowing him, I don't think he would want to. I don't know that. And as far as I know he was never mentioned. I don't think he would want to be because I think teaching was what he liked. He didn't like all the little detail things.

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